The people of niger delta have decried the neglect of there wellfare following the natural disaster which revage the region.source close our reporter told newshouse that the flood have collapse buildings,and a lot of people are stranded,camps are being setup
president GEJ embark on a tour and discovered that more than 25% of nigerians have been tottaly dislodge by the natural disaster that started in kogi and have spread to anambra,delta,bayelsa,rivers
flooded community in anambra have decry the neglet by governmentin anambra ,anam,ogbaru are now under water, the director general NEMA muhamed sani-sidi said that 2005 UNDP report have predicted the collapse of the dam in less than 10years starting from cameroon ,but nothing was done to minimise the demage ,more than 1 million people have died ,over 50,000 herds of cattle and wild animals have died, presently there is inflation in the region as food price rises as a result of submerge crops
in case of distress you can contact NEMA -twitter handle @NEMANIGERIA,email INFO@NEMA.GOV.NG,facebook nemanigeria, phone +23492905777
for donations and releave material you can contact NEMA throughthe above number and address or izuma okoroba at 10 forces avenue or rythm 93.7 portharcourt office
item needed are mosquito net,and food stuffs, blanket


About kemdii

a poet a writer a graduate of history and presently running agraduate programe in diplomacy


  1. kemdii says :

    Flood cover president Jonathan’s in otueke in bayelsa, he didn’t take precaution, And local government can deliver on the flood, too much directive and beureacracy is making relief materials difficult to get to victims

  2. kemdii says :

    23 station road in town office of Nigerian red cross ,they accept all relief materials donated

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