28-year-old Mother Enters Guinness World Records for Donating 87 Gallons of Her Breast Milk!

A 28-year-old woman, Alicia Richman, has been declared the new Guinness World Record holder for “Most Breast milk Donated.” Between June 2011 and March 2012, the 28-year-old mother of one donated 11,115 ounces – or 694 pounds – of breast milk to charity, according to Guinness. By volume, that’s about 87 gallons.
In her testimony, Richman had said that after she gave birth in March 2011, she began pumping and storing her milk, and quickly realized she was producing much more than her son could consume. When two freezers were chock full of pumped milk, Richman contacted the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, a nonprofit that collects breast milk donations for critically ill and premature infants in need.
Amy Vickers, executive director of the milk bank, says in a press release that Richman’s donations have fed “hundreds, and more likely, thousands of premature babies across the United States.” Richman says she went for the Guinness record because she wanted to raise awareness for the cause and encourage other women to donate to milk banks.
In her words, Richman says “I’m so thankful that I’m able to help not only my own baby, Drake, but all of the little babies who need it and are sick,” Richman told News 8. “It really feels amazing and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it.”


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