contemptious Hospitality And capital flight

One of the reason why I love Germans is as a result of a famous quotations do not shake d Jew cos if u do they will mannerlessly shake your shoulder publicly
As a historian I remember the event that happened 20 December 2004 idris vs 50cent , the diplomatic roar between the two which the media propagated without collaboration of the incident before laying blame on idris that he was draging sit with a stranger ,if u look critically there must have been a racist attitude
On 9th of febuary 2013 Kim kadashian visited Lagos , warmly welcome by Fan ,well received but only to leave MMIA with a lot of derogatory coment about Nigeria and how she agrees with Scott that Nigeria girls look like apes,and how a whole my 9ja is disgusting,
Just over the weekend our own tuface idibia wedded in dubai thereby generating huge money which could have being added to 2013 internal generated, with the numbers of dignities and money spent on hotels going into billions
Let alone the money used in inviting these artists reach to call us APE . Apart from individual tours carried out by our artists have the city of detriot or los angelis ,Illinois ever done carnival and paid 9ja artists such money like the kind of money being paid by rotimi amechi in his carnival, or cross river carnivals
It shows the level of insensitivity bad governance by our leaders and artists ,imperilism have eaten into our fabrics .


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a poet a writer a graduate of history and presently running agraduate programe in diplomacy

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