MKO abiola’s family vindicates IBB

As a graduate of History , it saddened me when the leader of mushuod abiola family , reteirated the fact that he(ibb) wasn’t the 1 who killed abiola.abiola was killed by the military under the leadership of IBB ,abiola laid his lyf for democracy to stand despite coercion for him from the military juanta
I urge the abiola family to witdraw the statement, cos abiola will weeping and disappointed @ his family.
He was a martyr and a hero , and his memories still lives ,MKO ‘s name have been supress by past regimes but Thankgod for Jonathan’s administration
JUNe 12 9ja freest and fairest election observed by international observer .may his soul rest in peace


About kemdii

a poet a writer a graduate of history and presently running agraduate programe in diplomacy

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