amnesty Not gazzieted up till now –

the people of Niger/delta produce and sustains the nations economy,but remains the most under developed, olobiri which was the first place where exploration started has no infrastructure to show for it,and the same situation applies to sisters communities
During the yar-adua administration he decided to come to terms with the youths who bear arms in the name of the N/D struggle ,thereby forgetting the intellectuals who decided to use diplomacy
Nigeria is the only country where crude oil theft is prevalent,vadalization,and sold without due process who are the people behind all this oil bunkery is the so called aristocrat
The so called leaders of the struggle collected amnesty with d exception of asari dokubo , rugged peter,etc
But what is the plight of the there followers? What is the plight of the region ? Has it improved?
The question is no because the so called generals have enriched them self, just last month innocent police men were shot down in bayelsa by the group Young shall grow as a means to express there anger ,this have prove to my theory of baff a pig dress a pig , a pig is a pig.
N/D struggle the aim has been defeated that’s not what Jasper adaka boro intended , boyloaf ,fara,asari,father(ateke)all fought for selfish reasons
Am drawing there attention of the naïve youth who are used by this selfish leaders AMNESTY after how many years is still not gazzieted
And nothing is being don to gazziet it , My question is what is the motive ?


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a poet a writer a graduate of history and presently running agraduate programe in diplomacy

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