avertion of another air disaster

Chinedu Eze
Aero Contractors’ pilot took precautionary measure Tuesday  and returned an Abuja-bound flight to the Lagos airport after one of the engines was said to have developed technical problem.
According to one of the passengers in the aircraft, the flight AJ 133 with over 90 passengers, took off from Lagos at about 6:55 pm yesterday on its way to Abuja and when the pilot noticed a problem with one of the two engines, he made air return after the flight had been airborne for some time.
Efforts to confirm the incident from the airline failed as calls and SMS sent to its media consultant, Simon Tumba, was not returned.
The passenger who narrated the incident to THISDAY, said the flight was billed to land in Abuja after 55 minutes of take-off but midway, the pilot returned to Lagos airport.
“I was a passenger in an Aero flight, a Boeing 737/500 series aircraft, which (developed problem with one engine) and returned to Lagos airport. Passengers were over joyous when it finally landed,” the passenger said.As at press time, the actual problem of the engine was still unknown, but the pilot decided to return the aircraft to the airport of departure, which was the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos


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